What Does Your Office Coffee Taste Like?

If someone asked you to describe the coffee in your office in one word, what would you choose? Is your coffee fresh? Delicious? Quality? For most businesses, none of these are words that instantly come to mind when describing the coffee offered in the workplace. In fact, many employees find that they have to get up earlier than needed each morning just to hit up the local coffee shop so that they don’t have to drink what is in the pot at work. If this describes the office coffee service in your business, a change is certainly in order.

When looking at your average coffee services, most of them are nearly identical. A company will come in and provide you with bags of cheap coffee on a periodic basis. Unfortunately, many companies believe that this is the only option. In truth, it is possible to get freshly roasted, high end coffee delivered straight to your company from leading coffee distributors. Why do this? Because when you can offer your employees excellent tasting coffee, you will find that they get up earlier than necessary just to get to work and get their fix.

Coffee suppliers who are dedicated to revolutionizing office coffee know that it all starts with the right beans. This means always offering fresh roasted coffee that is perfectly blended from only the best possible beans. Great coffee also requires a great coffee maker, and a bean to cup machine or an office espresso maker can be perfect. When looking for an office coffee machine, seeking out a company whose engineers are also coffee aficionados is the best way to get a perfect cup every time. With the right machines and the right coffee, your employees will certainly lose the desire to stop off at a coffee shop during every break.

In today’s fast paced go-go-go world, convenience is a concept that stands out and sadly, it is at the expense of quality. How many times have you wished that you could have just “brown bagged” your lunch instead of standing in a long line just to endure a soggy meal served in a plastic box? The same can be said for coffee, especially if you find it an indispensable part of your daily life.

With so many brands, flavors, and roasts of gourmet coffee or office coffee machine to choose from nowadays and how easy they are to brew at home, why settle for the usual flat coffee when you can have its sweet aroma swirling out of your cup or bottle every day? Spoiling yourself with it may require a little sacrifice, a little adjustment in your life style, but just consider the fulfillment and the savings, and you probably will not feel as miserable through the course of your day.

While office coffee service has a reputation as being one of the worst choices for people who truly love the beverage, this mental image is one that is quickly fading. Coffee distributors today are focused on giving employers the ability to really show their appreciation for their staff. Great in-house coffee means fewer breaks, improved productivity, and even a lower turnover rate. When so many benefits can be offered by simply providing a high quality beverage, the choice is clear. Choosing a company as dedicated to sustainability as to giving office coffee a new image is certainly wise, and the difference it can make in morale is nothing short of shocking.

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