Your Office Coffee Service Creates a Coffeehouse Feel for Visitors

No matter what type of business you’re in, making guests feel welcome and comfortable is an important part of doing business. It doesn’t matter whether the guest is a supplier or customer, providing an inviting coffeehouse feel can be a huge edge for the business. You depend on both suppliers and customers to make your business run smoothly and a good friendly atmosphere can make those important business discussions go smoother by having an office coffee service.

It doesn’t take much thought to identify the reasons you want customers to feel both comfortable and welcome, you want their business. Providing a great cup of coffee with all the amenities in the privacy of your office is far better than meeting with the customer at a local gourmet coffee shop. You’ll have access to all your tools and information necessary for a sale, while remaining on your home turf.

Having a coffeehouse feel with the smell of fresh brewed coffee looming through the area provides a relaxed atmosphere where it’s easier for a client to say yes to your proposal. If your coffee service provides other drinks, such as hot chocolate, tea or hot-spiced cider, you have all the bases covered for anyone’s preferences, just like the coffeehouse. In fact, flavored creamers can add the gourmet touch to make the setting perfect.

You may not understand why wooing a supplier is important, normally, suppliers need to woo you. However, even if you’re purchasing small amounts of material from the outside sales representative, if you’re approachable and friendly, they do their best to insure you’re well taken care of when you need specific supplies immediately. Providing a warm friendly atmosphere and a good cup of coffee can make that supplier remember you when there are special sales or do his or her best to accommodate you when you desperately need specific supplies.

Full-line vending companies, music, video, gaming and amusement companies are usually very slow to reinvest in new equipment. Office coffee service companies, like vending companies, have set aside a portion of their yearly budget to invest in new equipment. This makes it very tempting to stick with the old style Bunn coffee equipment, or to buy used and rebuilt equipment and to take advantage of manufactures and distributors that are giving deep reductions on this type of equipment, rather than paying more to move into the new methods of service. A huge portion of the companies from all four industries make this error. Therefore, their growth patterns, combined with competitive companies growth patterns, slow the overall growth of their routes. This opens a big door for new, competitive companies that see the value in branding their company’s name by offering the newest and most up-to-date equipment and products.

Not all visitors are adults, the same holds true when you go to a coffeehouse. Some people bring children with them. Office coffee service managers know they have to offer something for children to make mom and dad want to stop when they have the kids. Not all visitors drink either tea or coffee either. Your coffee service should also consider that possibility when providing you with product. If your service doesn’t offer coffee or tea alternatives, such as hot chocolate or spiced apple cider, then you’re not fully prepared to be a good host to every visitor through your doors. You even need to make certain you have a water cooler for those dog days of summer when your visitors appreciate a cool refreshing drink is far more.

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