How much coffee does your office team need?

Coffee is now a break room essential. Businesses get that their workers need their morning wake-em-upper. How much, and what type of coffee does your workplace need?

4 Reasons why coffee matters in the break room

1. Running late?
It’s a big saving for businesses to have coffee available in the office. Less time going out, less time feeling drained and a more productive team.

2. Coffee is social
Getting the team to be more social can be a task for many employers. Coffee helps with this. More importantly, coffee drinkers at work tend to be happier in their jobs.

3. Lost the deal?
Everyone has good days and bad days but one thing is certain, there’s a hot cup of goodness waiting in the break-room for you.

4. Impress your guests!
Don’t miss a chance to make a good first impression. Seal the deal over a great tasting cup of coffee.

How much coffee should you buy?
Let’s take the number of coffee drinkers and their average coffee consumption into account. If there are 10 staff members in your office and each of those people drink between two and four cups of coffee a day, you can safely assume that you need to brew between 140 and 280 cups per week. If you additionally deal with customers in the office, you can need to increase your estimate.

Spend a little on some gourmet brands
Surveys show office workers would prefer a daily cup of gourmet coffee, to a raise. Really good coffee in the office also leads to spending less time at coffee shops at lunch. You can order these services at a coffee shop in Mount Vernon Washington.
The modern office
People prefer choices, a dark espresso or a creamy latte. We can’t forget the non-caffeine drinkers. Some love the taste of coffee but can’t handle the caffeine. Keep a supply of decaffeinated coffee just in case, along with sugar packets and creamers for people who like a touch extra oomph of their mugs.

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